Freedom to operate

"Powell Gilbert is "especially strong on the technology side, tactically minded and a pleasure to work with. It really has experience and depth of knowledge"" - IAM 1000: The World's Patent Practitioners

An essential step in bringing a product to market for the first time – or indeed for extending its reach around the globe – is ensuring a true understanding of the IP landscape. It is critical to have a clear picture of exactly what risks may be lurking around the corner when it comes to potential IP infringement.

Our team has a wide breadth of experience working with clients across a range of IP-driven industries to develop freedom to operate strategies and avoid any patent, copyright or trade mark infringement.

We have particular experience advising in technically complex fields, capitalising on our blend of top-flight legal expertise and strong technical backgrounds.

We bear our stand-out legal acumen coupled with unmatched scientific and technical expertise to thoroughly identify and overcome the issues and risks which you are likely to face.