Competition law and FRAND

Among the most complex and challenging areas of intellectual property are issues related to competition law and FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory) patent licensing. The technology and telecommunications industries in particular are heavily reliant on patent licensing arrangements, and competition and FRAND-related disputes are increasingly commonplace.

Our experience in these areas is second to none, having been involved in some of the highest profile and most complex disputes which have emerged at the intersection of IP and competition law. In addition to working on some of the biggest cases which have emerged in this area, over the years we have advised both potential licensors and licensees including Huawei, Vringo, Sony and HTC and the MPEG-2 consortium on FRAND-related issues and disputes.

The technical qualifications of our lawyers prove highly beneficial in this area of IP, with detailed insight on all facets of electronic engineering, physics and computer science underpinning our internationally renowned legal expertise.