Multinational litigation coordination

"A distinguishing feature of Powell Gilbert is the expertise and experience of its lawyers in co-ordinatating complex cases and successfully guiding clients through multinational patent litigation" - Legal 500

Whether asserting IP rights on an international level or facing a threat across multiple jurisdictions, a coherent and carefully coordinated strategy is essential. We are frequently called upon to lead the charge on complex disputes, both across Europe and around the world.

We can help you to assemble and co-ordinate a team of specialist advisors across all key locations. From our base in London, we sit at the centre of a network of renowned law firms and advisers who specialise in IP. Leading, or working alongside other firms, we are able to draw upon the most relevant expertise to assist with issues worldwide. Our style of working with advisers in other jurisdictions is collaborative rather than top-down.

From our deep understanding of the cultural, legal and procedural differences of the significant patent jurisdictions we can put together and execute a strategy which leverages the advantages of each jurisdiction to achieve the best overall outcome. For example, this may involve using an evidence gathering procedure of one jurisdiction to feed into another, or could take advantage of a favourable judicial attitude in one court to obtain a first persuasive judgment. In each case, we aim to produce a strategy which is focussed on achieving our clients' commercial objectives.