Telecoms and electronics

"Viewed by peers and the most sophisticated companies as the summit of patent litigation expertise" - Chambers

Whether advising on disputes and strategy or co-ordinating major pieces of multi-jurisdictional litigation, we are regarded as one of the leading intellectual property law firms for the telecommunications and electronics sectors. Our excellence stems from years of experience and unmatched technical expertise, with our lawyers holding scientific qualifications in fields such as physics, computer science and electrical engineering.

We are acutely familiar with industry and product structures (including software and infrastructure), licensing models and the ever-evolving standards. As well as patent infringement and validity issues, our work in this field frequently involves competition law issues, patent exhaustion, and issues arising out of standardisation such as fair and reasonable royalty levels. We have acted for market leaders including HTC, Huawei, Nokia and Sony.

Our work often spans disputes concerning large portfolios of patents, frequently involving potential exposures or disputes in multiple jurisdictions which we are well positioned to co-ordinate. In addition, we secured the first successful enforcement of any standards essential patents in the English Courts (where no non-infringing workaround was available) and paved the way for the first UK hearing of FRAND licensing issues.

Key cases

  • PulseOn Oy v Garmin (heart rate monitors) 

  • ‚ÄčUnwired Planet v Huawei (smartphones/FRAND)

  • SSH v Sony (computer networks)

  • Good Technology v Airwatch (mobile management technology)

  • HTC v Apple (smartphones)

  • HTC v Gemalto (smartphones)

  • Nokia v Apple (smartphones)

  • Sony v LG (BluRay technology)

  • Motorola v Microsoft (smartphones)

  • Cisco Systems v comptell (software licence)

  • Philips & Others v Alba (MPEG-2/FRAND licensing)

  • IBM v Phoenix (trade mark infringement and passing off – memory cards)

  • Vringo v ZTE (telecommunications/FRAND licensing)

  • TCT v Ericsson (telecommunications/FRAND licensing)