Life sciences

"A super-group boutique dedicated entirely to IP, universally acknowledged as one of the finest life sciences patent litigation practices in the land" - Chambers

The strength and depth of our expertise across the life sciences sector is second to none, with our lawyers having been involved in some of the most high-profile cases in the UK and across Europe. This has included representing clients in high-stakes patent cases before the UK courts, whilst also pursuing parallel EPO opposition proceedings and multi-jurisdictional litigation. We have successfully represented clients in cases before all levels of the UK Courts and on referrals to the European Court of Justice and the EFTA Court.

Our experience spans across medical, agricultural and industrial applications, supported by the fact that many of our lawyers have degrees in chemistry, biochemistry and biological sciences – including four with PhDs in molecular biology and a medically qualified doctor. As a result, we have unmatched technical expertise and industry knowledge.

We have a wealth of experience in advising on pharmaceuticals, formulation technologies, enantiomers and crystalline forms; protein therapeutics; enzymes; monoclonal antibodies; vaccines; viral vectors; stem cells; genetically modified organisms; RNAi; gene-editing technologies, ELISA and nucleic acid-based diagnostics; medical devices; DNA microarrays and nanotechnology.

We regularly provide strategic advice on the management and enforcement of IP rights as well as freedom to operate opinions in the context of the development, or acquisition, of pharmaceutical products. In addition, we regularly advise counsel on ancillary regulatory matters, SPC's and product lifecycle management, including parallel import and re-packaging issues.

Key cases

  • PulseOn Oy v Garmin (heart rate monitors) 

  • Warner Lambert v Actavis (second medical use claims)

  • Regeneron v Kymab (transgenic mice)

  • Biogen and others v AbbVie (Humira, declaratory relief)

  • Varian v Elekta (MRI)

  • Napp v Sandoz & others (controlled release opioid)

  • Eli Lilly v HGS (SPC’s; CJEU)

  • Pharmaq v Intervet (SPC’s; EFTA Court)

  • HGS v Eli Lilly (industrial application of gene sequence patents)

  • Yeda v Sanofi & ImClone (patent entitlement)

  • Fresenius v Carefusion (medical devices)

  • Baxter v Fresenius (medical devices)

  • Mölnlycke v BSN Medical (wound dressings)

  • Dr Reddys v Eli Lilly (olanzapine)

  • GSK Biologicals v UCB (vaccines)

  • Synageva v Shire (enzyme replacement therapy)

  • Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine (SPC applications)

  • Allergan v Pharmacia (latanoprost)

  • Affymetrix v Multilyte (DNA microarrays)

  • Oxford Gene Technology v Affymetrix (DNA microarrays)

  • Eli Lilly v Biogen (monoclonal antibody use)