Energy and clean technology

Innovation and investment in the energy sector flourishes when underpinned by robust intellectual property. This is particularly true as the race for cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy continues to gain pace.

Long-established industry players as well as ground-breaking start-ups alike, rely on our expertise in this field. Our multi-jurisdictional litigation experience ranges from offshore oil platforms to involvement in biofuels, the wind turbine industry, as well as pioneering gas-to-liquid and battery technologies.

The technical know-how of our team is an invaluable asset to our work in this sector, as nearly all of our lawyers have qualifications and degrees including in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics.

Key cases

  • Compact GTL v Velocys (gas to liquid conversion)

  • Wobben Properties v Siemens & Others (wind turbines)

  • Rockwater v Coflexip (subsea pipe laying)