The patents that made summer (or nearly did)

The patents that made summer (or nearly did)

Published By James Curtis, Charlotte Morton, Vita Hink

27/08/2020 19:11:57

The patents that made summer (or nearly did)
Picture this. You’re walking in the dark, through the wind, cold and rain on your way to work on a January morning, carrying the new bag you received for Christmas with a little bit of glitter still on your coat leftover from New Year’s Eve. You then walk past a travel agent’s window with pictures of the sun and sea in an exotic location, and all the memories of summer come flooding back. Everyone’s summer experiences are made up of different things, however we’ve put together a few patents that may make up yours, or may just make you laugh out loud at the thought…
The Slip ‘N Slide – US2982547
The Slip ‘N Slide. By far the most iconic, entertaining invention for summer aqua fun, coupled with debilitating back injuries, typically stemming from overly excitable adults trying to involve themselves in children’s activities. The quintessentially suburban summer activity was originally named “a portable aquatic play device for body planing’, fortunately renamed “Slip ‘N Slide”. Could you imagine having to ask your parents to set up the portable aquatic play device for body planing every 1st June?


Pet Sunglasses System - US5868104
I am sure we have all spent hours worrying that our dogs were going to suffer from UV damage. Fortunately, the Pet Sunglasses System solves these concerns with their adjustable frames and straps to fit any dog! Not only will the invention prevent cataracts, but these shades will up your pets ‘street cred’ considerably. Unfortunately, the reviews are somewhat limited from dogs who have tried this product due to surprising communication barriers.


Water Wings - US1677083
These detachable water wings are an alternative to the usual (and in comparison, rather mundane) inflatable arm bands that are used when trying to stay afloat in the water. Although, we have an idea why these probably didn’t become more mainstream.


Beach game - US1628073
When we found this game, we were amazed something so simple was never a staple of our childhoods and resolved to play it the next time we visited the beach. Players must plant a flag as far as possible into the surf without getting wet, and water indicators on the players’ ankles show if they’ve been caught. Sadly for the inventor, it recently expired, but we thought it was a real ‘mark in the sand’ for human ingenuity.

The Super Soaker – US4591071
This list wouldn’t be worthy of its title without the titan of summer wishlists, and once the biggest selling toy in the world. By condensing air with a hand pump to launch jets of water at high speed, the Super Soaker has been a summer staple for decades. If inventor and scientist, Lonnie Johnson, doesn’t impress you with this alone, he also created the Super Soaker’s scientific twin: the nerf gun.