“Powell Gilbert is really going places -
it’s a serious player and extremely efficient.
It stands out because of the young, enthusiastic,
motivated and highly skilled team.”

Chambers UK

Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of IP, having been involved in cases across a wide range of technologies and industries.





Powell Gilbert has extensive experience of advising on IP disputes and strategy in this sector. We are familiar with industry and product structures and licensing models, and we are also up to date on relevant standards and new products. We know that, in addition to patent infringement and validity issues, many disputes in this area will concern competition law issues, patent exhaustion and issues arising out of standardisation such as fair and reasonable royalty levels.


We have worked on disputes concerning large portfolios of patents. We can structure active case preparation, both offensive and defensive, in an efficient way.

We are keenly aware of relevant jurisdictional differences and can assist with strategies designed to achieve positive outcomes even where both parties have potential exposures in multiple jurisdictions and patent portfolio sizes are large. We have particular expertise in co-ordinating work across jurisdictions.


Our teams have relevant scientific qualifications, such as degrees in Physics and Computer Science, and sized as appropriate whether for smaller disputes or large multiple parallel actions.