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Richard Fawcett



Richard has experience in intellectual property litigation and advisory work, including in relation to confidential information, patents, trade marks, copyright and domain name disputes.


Prior to qualifying as a lawyer, Richard spent periods in the microelectronics and software industries whilst training as an engineer. He has also carried out post-doctoral research and published a number of scientific papers in the fields of nanoscience and physical chemistry. He is able to call upon this strong background in a range of technologies when analysing complex patent matters in the IT, electronics and mobile telephony sectors.


Prior to joining Powell Gilbert in September 2011 Richard trained as a solicitor at Simmons & Simmons.


Richard is a member of the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), IEEE, IOP (Institute of Physics) and ACS (American Chemical Society).

Contact details

T +44 20 3040 8151
E richard.fawcett@powellgilbert.com



2011 Solicitor



BA MEng (Engineering), Cambridge University
PhD (Nanoscience), University of Nottingham

Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice, Oxford University

Cases include
  • Gedeon Richter Plc v Bayer Schering Pharma AG (patent - pharmaceuticals)
  • Nuance v Vlingo (patent - speech processing)
  • Microsoft v Motorola (patent - pager technology)
  • HTC v Apple (patent - operating systems)
  • HTC v Nokia (patent - embedded systems)
  • S3 Graphics v Nokia (patent - video processing)
  • Vringo v ZTE (patent - telecoms)
  • Unwired Planet v Huawei (patents – telecoms)