Tim has a strong technical background that has enabled him to represent clients in some of the largest and most complex intellectual property disputes to come before the UK courts in recent years.

Tim specialises in multi-jurisdictional litigation, particularly in the patents field where he has experience in coordinating litigation taking place simultaneously across Europe, North America and beyond. He also advises clients on healthcare regulatory issues.

He is a solicitor advocate and has represented clients as an advocate in the UK and European Patent Offices, the English High Court, Court of Appeal, House of Lords and the European Court of Justice. 

This breadth of expertise means that Tim often lectures on all aspects of IP law. 

Tim has been a partner at Powell Gilbert LLP since its founding in 2007.

Key cases

  • Chugai Pharmaceutical v UCB (patent licence dispute - antibody technology)

  • Accord Healthcare v Research Corporation Technologies (anti-epileptics)

  • Leonardo MW v Elbit Systems (missile defence systems)

  • ​Illumina v Ariosa & Premaitha (non-invasive pre-natal testing)

  • ​Edwards Lifesciences v Boston Scientific (medical devices - transcatheter heart valves)

  • Warner v Actavis (Lambert pregabalin)

  • Vringo v ZTE (telecommunications/FRAND licensing)

  • Actavis v Sanofi Aventis (SPCs – irbesartan combinations)

  • Apple v Nokia (smartphones)

  • Microsoft v Motorola Mobility (smartphones)

  • Yeda v Comptroller General of Patents (SPCs - cetuximab)

  • Cisco Systems v Comptel (software licence dispute)

  • Mölnlycke v BSN (wound dressings)

  • Yeda v Sanofi Aventis and ImClone (monoclonal antibodies)

  • Affymetrix v Multilyte (DNA microarrays)

  • Philips v Princo (CD-R technology)

  • Monsanto v Cargill (GM crops)

  • Pharmacia v Merck (Cox 2 inhibitors)

  • Chiron v Murex and Others (HCV)