Rajvinder Jagdev


Senior Associate

Raj has advised clients on a range of IP matters, particularly in the electronics, telecommunications and computer software sectors.

Raj’s expertise in computer science and electronics is invaluable in allowing him quickly to grasp and analyse complex technical patents and to hone in on the pertinent details. His in-house experience and general commercial knowledge of the IT, electronics and telecommunications fields assists in providing legal advice in a commercial context.

As well as involvement in litigation before the UK and European courts, he has had experience in matters before the US International Trade Commission and the United States district courts.

Raj has worked on patent cases involving Blu-ray laser technology, mobile telephony standards, mobile data streaming and caching, user interface design and audio-visual network streaming protocols. He has also provided regulatory and data privacy advice to telecommunications and pharmaceutical companies.

Raj joined Powell Gilbert in 2011.

Key cases

  • Elekta v Varian (radiotherapy devices)

  • ​Unwired Planet v Huawei & Others (telecommunications)

  • Rovi v Virgin Media & TiVo (electronics)

  • HTC v Apple (smartphones)

  • Motorola Mobility v BT (digital TV)

  • Microsoft v Motorola Mobility (smartphones)

  • HTC v Gemalto (telecommunications)

  • LG v Sony (blu-ray technology)

  • Apple v Nokia (smartphones)

  • Rothschild v Samsung (semiconductors)