Ari has a huge breadth of experience in the electronics, IT and telecoms sectors derived from his in-depth technical knowledge from experience as both in-house and external legal counsel.

Ari specialises in electronics patent litigation and licensing disputes, as well as advising on general IP, licensing and competition law matters including FRAND obligations, obligations to license, damages and general strategic advice. He also advises in relation to disputes involving trade marks, designs, copyrights and trade secrets/confidential information.

He has represented clients in the UK courts as well as in opposition and appeal proceedings in the European Patent Office, and has assisted with co-ordinating actions in courts elsewhere in Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia. Advice on multi-jurisdictional strategy is a particular strength.

Key cases

  • PulseOn v Garmin (designs - heart rate monitors)

  • Kapitza v Remember (copyright)

  • SSH v Sony (computer networks)

  • Vringo v ZTE (telecommunications/FRAND licensing)

  • TCT v Ericsson (telecommunications/FRAND licensing)

  • Rovi v Virgin Media & TiVo (electronics)

  • LG v Sony (blu-ray technology/FRAND licensing)

  • Apple v Nokia (smartphones)